Paul Ramnora


210218 23:10 PM GMT

This web page was created using FREE online web page building software:


It's really pretty amazing now-a-days how a simple web page can be 'written/designed/published' online...and, in only just mere minutes; such is the power of using...

a. 'reusable' web page templates

b. 'drag and drop' UI-User Interface widgets:

textboximage boxlinks boxetc.
c. together with FREE 'cloud based' online publishing.

I didn't even need to use a Desktop computer to create it; but, instead, I went and created it while lying back in bed typing on an iPad 4 tablet.


The entire web page creation process, was really quite as simple and straight forwards as is steps: 1, 2 ,3...

First, you are given a number of FREE web page template designs/or, 'cards' to select from; so, you must choose to use just 'one' of these.

Next, clicking on the + sign indicates that I wish to further 'edit' that card...

1. I choose to add a 'text box widget'; into which I typed in all of this same text.

2. Second, I choose 2 x 'image widgets'; selected one image to use as being the background/ and, placed a next smaller image at the top left hand side of the page.

3. Third, I choose a 'link widget'...into which I added some further URL links.

Next, I hit the buttons: 'done'/'publish'/'OK'; finally, I was given a FREE URL address...linking to a space on their web server; so, that this webpage is immediately ready for viewing, and, from all over the Internet.


I believe they give you 3 x FREE web page 'template' pages/cards to experiment with using; anything more than that...and, you have to pay the full Premium price, instead; which I believe costs around $19.00 yearly.

( Made with Carrd )